Pet Owner First Aid & CPR Certification Course

By Sean Casey Animal Rescue (other events)

Tuesday, October 23 2018 6:00 PM 10:00 PM

This 4-hour course will cover the basics of emergency pet care designed specifically for life in the Big City.  Certified Pet Tech Instructor Helen Bowers teaches DOG AND CAT CPR, First Aid (how to properly wrap a cut or gash) and other Emergency Procedures.  Brooklyn Bark owner and NYS Wildlife licensed Rachel Bowers and Don Montes, founder of AmbuVet, co-instruct and share many real-life experiences. 

Your pet has an emergency.  How you react can make the difference between his life or death.  The first reaction of a dog being rescued is often to bite his rescuer, even if it is his own pet parent. So, before we learn how to make things better, we learn how to prevent them from getting worse.

How many times does a NYC dog pick something up from the street? You want to grab it from him and in keeping it from you he starts to choke.

Or the pup who laps up anti-freeze at 10 o'clock at night?

4% of our canine population suffer seizures.  Do you know what to do?

If your pet is bleeding profusely or has a broken bone, those first minutes after injury are critical.  How do you help best and fastest?

NO DOGS SHOULD ATTEND! We will have dog mannequins to practice on.
SPACE IS LIMITED- only 15 spots available! Due to the amount of mannequins and classroom space, please reserve your spot! 
FEES: $100 - includes certification, booklet and dinner. 

All proceeds from this course benefit Sean Casey Animal Rescue.  Thank you to Brooklyn Bark's Helen Bowers & Rachel Bowers and AmbuVet's Don Montes for donating your time and expertise. And, thank you to Veterinary Emergency & ReferralGroup (VERG) for donating the classroom space. 

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